With a long trajectory and recognition in this field, we continue to collaborate with great musicians, huge artists from all over the continent to take their work to the top, having been distinguished with important awards and nominations.


It produces theatrical shows for well-known artists, but also gives rise to the future stars of the show and to real entertainment talents.

Media Outlets

A fundamental area for the production work to transcend is the press, and for this we have a group of professionals with a great trajectory and solid experience with which we manage to publicize everything we produce.


For years prestigious speakers from all areas, professionals from various disciplines such as athletes, top level businessmen, writers, etc. have trusted us for the organization of their presentations around the world as well as the launching of their new books.

From Forever Music we take care of absolutely all the details, the hiring of the locations, theaters, hotels, etc, muisca, sound and lighting and the press so that the event has the repercussion that the influencer deserves.


Audiovisual Production

We build strategic alliances that allow us to provide our artists with the strength of having the latest technology for the development of our own platforms that actively collaborate with the generation of communities that belong to the artist, turn your followers into your customers.
Your own App, your own website, and your own livestream channel will help you build a subscription and Pay per View model that will allow you to monetize your content like never before.



The production company has produced television hits for several networks, such as Televisa, Univision, etc., and we are currently producing two very successful programs, En Modo Nanci Guerrero and Despertando con Claudio Maria Dominguez, both productions for TELEFE Internacional.



Over time we have become a company that produces all kinds of shows, from audiovisual content, to plays, to talks in libraries of professionals to book launches.


Interactive Webs and Apps

Being present in digital media is essential in these times, a website and an app ensures the presence of the professional in different platforms helping in its recognition and growth, for this we are associated with the company with the highest standards in the field



We are associated with Arbol Publishing, Producers and distributors of magazine Miami en Modo Nanci


Musical Distribution

A fundamental area for the production work to transcend is the placement of the musical album in all the digital stores that exist in the world, and for this we are associated with CDA GROUP, professionals of great trajectory and solid experience with which we manage to make known all that we produce, registering every year the total of productions in the world famous Grammy Awards.

If you are a musician, artist, athlete, professional in any area that you want to make yourself known, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to produce you.

Forever Music INC.
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About us

Forever Music INC since 1994

It is a Multi-Media 360 company based in Miami – USA, dedicated to the realization of musical productions, production of video clips, CDs, and promotion of radio and television content. It was founded in 1994 by Javier Cortés Baptista (Executive President), economist, entrepreneur and businessman.
He was president of the Media Chamber and one of the founders and presidents of ATB Red Nacional.

Together with Bebu Silvetti (music producer) and Dr. Eduardo Pérez Guerrero (co-founder, legal advisor and manager of the company) they joined forces for the commercialization and distribution of established artists and the launching of new values.



Argentine pianist, composer, arranger and record producer of great trajectory and success. He composed more than 600 songs, some 200 commercials for television, radio and original music for soap operas and movies.
He has produced countless renowned artists such as Paul Anka, Roberto Carlos, Alberto Cortez, Plácido Domingo, Rocío Dúrcal, Juan Gabriel, Engelbert Humperdinck, Ricardo Montaner, José Luis Perales, Marco Antonio Solís, Paloma San Basilio and Luis Miguel in his successful bolero album “Romance” & “Tercer Romance”.


Javier Cortés Baptista (Executive President), economist, entrepreneur and businessman.
He was president of the Media Chamber and one of the founders and presidents of ATB Red Nacional.
He was Executive Producer of the musical record production “Pacha”, and was the author and manager of the recovery of the musical heritage for Bolivia for the group Kjarkas and their composition “Llorando se fue” (La lambada).


Argentine actress, singer and hostess internationally recognized for her TV programs and live shows, she is an exclusive artist since 1997 of the company FOREVER MUSIC with whom she recorded her first album as a soloist in the USA.

Nanci received a Proclamation from the hand of the Mayor of Miami for her trajectory and multiple contributions to the community, this distinction declares “October 28th Nanci Guerrero Day in Miami”.

Currently she has her TV show “EN MODO NANCI GUERRERO” on TELEFE International.

Nanci has been the President of FOREVER MUSIC company for 5 years.


Lawyer, Music Producer and voting member of the Latin Grammy Recording Arts Sciences. With over 50 years of experience in the industry, he has produced artists and musical shows for theater and television in Latin America, is General Manager of Forever Music Inc. since its founding has worked with Bebu Silvetti, Rudy Perez, Roberto Livi, Alejandro Jaen and Jorge Calandrelli of whom he is also his Manager.
In 2017 he has been recognized by the Mayor of the city of Miami Tomas Regalado, who proclaimed October 28th as “Dr. Eduardo Perez Guerrero Day” in Miami.


Associated with Music Producers most successful in the world

Forever Music INC.

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